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Random Ax, the premiere entertainment consulting company, is here to transform your Chicagoland venue into a laughter hub. Random Ax: Pop-Up Comedy is the secret ingredient to turning any night into an unforgettable experience. We proudly present our roster of original comedy shows featuring local and national stand-up comedians and improvisers, designed to benefit your establishment. 

Top-Tier Talent

We've scoured the comedy scene to assemble a diverse array of comedians who know how to tickle funny bones and keep audiences roaring with laughter.

Unmatched Variety

Whether you're looking for a night of gut-busting stand-up or hilarious improv, our shows cover it all. Your patrons will love the fresh and ever-changing lineup.

Tailored Entertainment

We work closely with venues to curate shows that fit your audience's preferences, ensuring a perfect match for your space and atmosphere.

Business Boost

Laughter is good for business. By hosting Random Ax comedy shows, you'll attract more patrons, increase repeat business, and create buzz in your community.

National Recognition:

Our reputation precedes us. Hosting our shows brings prestige to your venue and elevates your status in the entertainment industry.

featured comedians

Our roster of talented comedians are ready to perform at your venue.

Stand-Up Comedian, Sketch Comic

Stand-Up Comedian, Sketch Comic, Improvisor

Sketch Comic, Improvisor


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Get in touch with Random Ax today, and let’s start planning unforgettable comedy nights that will have your patrons coming back for more. It’s time to put your venue in the spotlight, one laugh at a time!